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Fertilizer, Aerating, Seeding
Pine Needles, Mulch
From spring until fall, all lawns need to be mowed.  TomberLawn offers mowing services on weekly and bi-weekly schedules, as well as one-time mowings for homeowners who need an extra hand occasionally.  Every time TomberLawn visits your property, we'll leave it looking great.
Realtors and property managers are also welcome for short- or long-term mowing commitments. 

At TomberLawn, we put you in control of your lawn while we do all the work.  Pick the services you need or let TomberLawn create a custom plan for your Worry-Free Lawn.   

Even established lawns need added nutrients to stay healthy and look great.  TomberLawn will plan a schedule of treatments and services throughout the year to ensure your lawn is healthy.  Aerating and overseeding in the fall and/or spring reduces compaction and helps fill in weak areas and rejuvenate your turf.
Even if you mow your own grass, TomberLawn would be happy to provide seasonal services or routine maintenance.
Nothing adds a facelift to your landscape like fresh mulch or pine needles.  Not only does the fresh material look great, but it also helps to reduce weeds, contribute organic matter for ornamental plants, and minimizes erosion.
Fresh pine needles and mulch can be part of your Worry-Free Lawn plan, or ordered a la carte.

Shrub and Small Tree Trimming
Hedges a little overgrown?  Let TomberLawn tackle them.  From plant pruning to small tree trimming, TomberLawn will get your landscape in shape.  All debris is hauled off and composted rather than taken to the landfill.

Leaf Removal or Mulching
When the leaves change colors, they are pretty.  But when they fall and cover your lawn, they can be an eyesore.  Not to mention that they smother your lawn and landscape.  TomberLawn offers a variety of solutions to manage fall leaf cleanup.  Complete removal gets all of the leaves out of your yard.  Mulching is another option for light-to-moderate leaf cover.  Mulching chops the leaves into tiny pieces that fall through the blades of grass,so you don't see them, and adds organic matter to your soil.

​While TomberLawn primarily focuses on lawn maintenance, we also provide basic landscaping services such as planting shrubs, redefining bed edges, installing stone and paver features, and other services.